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1. Enter your username and password

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3. Depreciator will then call your client and do the rest!


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Depreciators prices range from $275 to $715 (including GST).

Price is based on the age of the property, location and how much information the client has.

We will recommend the most sensible and economical option for your client.



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81% of Australian property investors are not claiming their full tax deductions?

Are your clients?


If you have a client with an investment property, it can be depreciated. Think of it as ‘wear and tear’. Houses, units and commercial properties all qualify. Even older properties can be depreciated.


Alerting your clients to this is a great value-add.


By using Depreciator, a member of the AIQS and recognised by the ATO as being appropriately qualified to prepare Tax Depreciation Schedules, investors like you are claiming thousands of legitimate tax dollars back on their investments.


Schedules can even be backdated so investors can claim up to 4 years of ‘lost’ depreciation!


Depreciator has an Australia wide network of Quantity Surveyors and appropriately qualified people. They are affiliated with one of Australia’s largest accounting groups and two of Australia’s largest real estate groups. Their service is cost effective and efficient – much is taken care of on-line.



What are the benefits of using Depreciator?


-         The fee is 100% tax-deductible. And if clients pay by June 30, they can claim it back straightaway.


-         Depreciator specialises in depreciation schedules. This ensures that your clients receive the maximum tax-deductible depreciation they are entitled to.


-         By reducing their tax, your clients can increase their cash flow. And according to Robert Kiyosaki, “Cashflow is King”.


-         Depreciator provides a comprehensive report that sets depreciation entitlements on a yearly basis for 20 years - saving your client money for the next 20 years!


-         The Tax Depreciation Schedules are suitable for all types of property investors - companies, partnerships, trusts, individuals and couples.


-         Hassle-free - all you need to do is fill in the online application form and Depreciator will take care of the rest.


-         There is even a client guarantee! – “If Depreciator can’t find more depreciation than their fee in the first full year, the Schedule is free.”


-         The Schedule is transferable to future buyers if the property is sold.


-         The Schedule has calculations for both the Prime Cost and Diminishing Value methods so clients and their accountants can select the most tax-effective strategy for them.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Depreciator?


Depreciator is a Quantity Surveying company whose sole focus is the preparation of Tax Depreciation Schedules for individual investors. They cover all capital cities and many regional areas.


Their specialist skills ensure that clients receive the maximum depreciation allowable on their investment properties.


How do I order a depreciation schedule?


Easy. You can make an on-line enquiry and get a quote by logging in, above. If you have any queries, a comment can be entered into the form and a Depreciator representative will call you or the client to discuss.


How long does it take to receive a Tax Depreciation Schedule?


It usually takes 2 weeks to complete the Schedule. Naturally, if there are tenants residing at the property, their cooperation is essential. There may also be an extended turnaround time if Depreciator needs to travel to a remote area.


How much does it cost?

A comprehensive Tax Depreciation Schedule, which provides up-to-date depreciation information for           the next 20 years, can cost from $220 to $715 (GST inclusive). Much depends on the age of the property, the location, and how much information you have on the property. The cost of Depreciation Schedule is 100% tax deductible.


Remember that guarantee, too:


If Depreciator can’t find more depreciation than their fee in the first full year, the Schedule is free.”


Note: The only time this fee will vary is if there are multiple residences (like a duplex or granny flat) or if Depreciator needs to send a Quantity Surveyor to a remote area. In the event of a furnished property, Depreciator may ask supply costs for some items. For extensive loose furniture valuations there may be an additional fee. Any variations will be discussed at the time of booking.


How much money can a client claim?


How much a client can claim as a tax deduction depends on their individual tax situation.

Below are some samples of actual depreciation schedule summaries:


New 2 bedroom townhouse - reasonable quality
Total claimed over 5 years: $41,829.61

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5






New 2 bedroom CBD unit – furnished (a very up-market property)
Total claimed after 5 years: $79,382.97

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5






Unit built pre-1985 with a $38,000 renovation done post-1992
Total claimed over 5 years: $11,473.15

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5







Does my client need to provide much information?


No. Depreciator specialises in depreciation and is able to accurately estimate the cost of ‘capital works’ as well as depreciable assets. This means no receipts, plans, photos or sketches and most importantly, no hassles!


If construction cost information was provided to you by the previous owner of the property, those costs should be used in calculating your depreciation claim. You should make every effort to obtain actual building costs from the previous owner or the builder/developer of your property. Depreciator requires you to disclose any relevant costs you have obtained prior to commissioning a Tax Depreciation Schedule.


Doesn't depreciation only apply to new buildings?


Any building where construction started after 18 July 1985 qualifies for the 'Special Building Write-Off'. That means you can depreciate the original cost of construction. Plus, for all buildings, there are a host of depreciable assets like hot water systems, blinds, floor coverings and stoves that may be depreciated.


Can renovations be depreciated?


Yes. The 'Special Building Write-Off' can be claimed as long as the renovations were undertaken after 26 February 1992. Investors can also claim Architects and Engineers Fees. Structural inclusions such as retaining walls and sealed driveways, if undertaken after this date, can also qualify.


Client testimonials

“I bought a run down 70's unit as an investment property and renovated it. I was aware I needed a depreciation schedule and rang around various places. I had one done by another company but was not happy at all with their service and result. My adviser suggested I try Depreciator and I thought their service was excellent - very informative and personal. They were thorough and I was very pleased with the service and result and since, I have recommended Depreciator to several friends.”
Allison Quach (bought a 2 bedroom 1970’s unit – recently renovated)

”It was my adviser who suggested I get a depreciation schedule done, but it took me ages (and lots of phone calls) to find someone to do it. I was relieved when I finally found Depreciator – they arranged everything over the phone and I didn’t even have to leave home. I also appreciated the fact that they took the time to explain things - the service seemed very personal. And the guaranteed return far outweighs the initial cost. I didn't know much about depreciations schedules before, but I've told other people about them since.”
Melanie Withers (bought a 6-year old, 3 bedroom home)

”After purchasing this property mid-2000, we completed a quick $13,000 rejuvenation and brought in Depreciator to do a Tax Depreciation Schedule. Our property was almost cash flow positive and a depreciation schedule tipped it over the edge. We were amazed at how much we were able to claim - $8,457.00 in the first year using the Diminishing Value Method. Their schedule also included $11,000 of low value items, one of which was an allowance for the front door mats! We found Depreciator very pleasant and professional to deal with and have since recommended them to several colleagues and friends who are property market investors.
Glen Ryan and Rosy Ward (bought a 8 year old 3 bedroom apartment, warehouse conversion)

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